3-day rental of a projector and screen for $50.
What's Included?

Our $50 3-day rental package includes a projector as well as a 6ft x 6ft portable screen. Speakers and a DVD player can be included at no extra charge. $200 cash deposit required. Pickup in Waterdown.

We rent projectors that are compatible with Windows or Macintosh/Apple computers as well as DVD or Bluray players. All the required cables are included with your projector rental (VGA/HDMI computer cable, RCA cables).
Our 6ftx6ft screens are free-standing and stand about 8ft tall when setup.
Larger 10ft x 10ft screen for $10 extra.
Speakers or DVD player included, if required, at no extra charge.
Common Questions
  • Will the projector connect to my Laptop/Mac/Surface? - Yes, we provide the cables.
  • What if I only want the projector for one day? The $50 covers the wear and tear on the projector so a one-day rental is the same as a 3-day.
  • What if I only want to rent a screen? $20 for a screen rental. $100 deposit required.
  • Does the projector take HDMI? Yes, our projectors take HDMI.
  • Does the projector take a USB stick? No, you supply the laptop to connect to the projector. We have all the cables.
Contact us

Send us an email at [email protected] or use our contact form below.

Our History
Proudly serving Hamilton, Burlington, Waterdown, Ancaster, Aldershot, Dundas, Flamborough, Oakville and surrounding areas since 2013.